Source of our inspiration: The Holy Trio  
  Our Inspiration-Direct Disciples of Bhagawan Sri Ramakrishna Paramahansa  
  Group photo of Sanyasins of Ramakrishna Order and volunteers who had conducted relief operations during the Kedarnath flood disaster in June 2013.  

We found an ‘Ideal’ and the line of action to achieve it through the life giving message of Swami Vivekananda that : ”Even if you put entire wealth of the world into a small village of India ,still it will not be sufficient, unless and until you educate the rural people and make them stand on their own feet!” “National Ideals of India are ‘Renunciation and Service’!”

Ideal : For the liberation of one's own Self and for the good of the World.
Motto : Renunciation and Service; Harmony of religions.
Method :To begin with ‘Work and Worship’ then practice ‘Work as worship’ and ultimately ‘Work is Worship’. ‘To Serve Jiva is to Serve Shiva’.

Activities :
>> Ramakrishna-Vivekannda Sevashrama,Guptakashi will conduct Free services in the field of Spiritual, Educational, Cultural, Medical and Rural Development, in and around Rudraprayag district, in the spirit mentioned above.

>> Propagate ‘Practical Vedantic Ideas’ among the masses in the light of ‘Life & Teachings ‘of the Holy Trio and thus make them aware of the importance of higher eternal values..